Fair battle policy

it is not about who is hot or not. Don't vote for your favorite hero! Vote for the character that would win the fight.
Some characters have super powers and others are smart, strong,... etc

The 10 battle rules:

  1. The first rule of Angry heroes is: They have to fight. Even if they are friends, lovers or family.
  2. The second rule of Angry heroes is: This is an 1v1 fight to the death. So no 1000 Aliens vs 1 Predator
  3. The battle happens on earth! (not on crypton or any other planet).
  4. A fighter stays true to their moral codes. Ex: Superman can easily destroy the earth but won't do it because Superman does not kill innocent people!
  5. The maximum battle length is 1 year. Heroes don't have to fight from the first minute but they can wait till the time is right. (so Wolverine can not wait untill Batman dies of old age to win the fight.)
  6. Because a battle time is 1 year the heroes have time to prepare for battle. Lara croft seems to have no chance against Superman... But she has a better success rate to find cryptonite in one year than for example a Wolverine. You descide if she stands a chance with cryptonite bullets.
  7. Characters can not get help from other heroes or sidekicks during the fight. So Robin stays home when Batman is trying to kick Godzilla's ass.
  8. Don't forget characters also have brains and some do more than others. This is something you should consider during a fight. Eg Godzilla vs Batman. Godzilla is obviously the strongest but Batman wil probably not try to fistfight Godzilla and thus will try to win the battle another way.
  9. Bad heroes have the advantage they can use innocent people to force good heroes to fight in their favorite environment. Eg Darth Vader could treaten to kill 1000 people to force a Lara croft to fight on his terrain. Is Lara smart enough to let those people die and try to fight another way or will she try to fight anyway hoping to save as many people as she can.

Some fights are very unbalanced. This sucks for the loser but life is not fair anyway so get over it.